April 21, 2009

The haircut that wasn’t

Did it ever happen to you that you cut your hair and no one noticed? Just now, after you read that question, did your eyes shift up towards your right brain while you searched your memory? Was it like once in your whole lifetime when you got a “trim” or something? Now what do you do when you chop off 7 inches of your hair and still no one notices? Well, now you know how I feel! Unless you’re one of those I-got-my-haircut-for-my-own-satisfaction-people. I got a haircut last week and my curly tresses went down from waist-length to shoulder-length. And give or take 3 people, NO ONE noticed! Granted, from front I don’t look that different at first glance. But from back or when it’s let loose, it’s like hello, where’s the rest of it? And why why why isn’t anyone noticing? Take my parents… I was Skypeing with them the day of my haircut with my hair loose and in tight curls around my ears and they didn’t say a word. On the other hand, when I have it in plaits or anything equally unexciting, they speak about it all the time. And the second I mentioned the haircut out of indignity to invoke a reaction, I got the wrong one. If you’re wondering what I am talking about, read this post. And everyone else is totally on the “Hey wassap” mode. Grrr. Here’s another big fat disadvantage to having insanely curly hair. No matter how long/short, it looks short. No matter what the volume, it looks big. And bangs and blah need so much maintenance they are not even worth it. Add to that every time I call attention to my hair, I end up sounding pretentious. Hmph.


mysticmelodiez said...

Nejamava ? I'd be furious too if it happened with me:( I'd especially be surprised if our desi junta did not notice and comment, the other's being indifferent, I can understand (not that its fair, though). Totally identify with the parental reaction (lemme guess was it on the lines of latshnama irundha mudi-e vetti veena aakitiye!!! lolz) been there. Vaise wonder if you've tried tying your hair up in a pony.., maybe it'll be more noticeable then!

Regarding curly hair.., if it makes you feel any better, I TOTALLY envy you!! Comming from someone with insanely straight and silky hair.., you cant do a thing with it! Various bun-wale hairstyles- n/a wont stay, it'll phislo in a second; volume, couple of hours after blowdrying, nil if not negative :( despite layering it all the way, (sighs and weeps)! Anyways as they say, the grass is always on the other side, guess we are no different, lol!

So long!!

Jaya said...

The grass IS greener on the other side! Forever I've tried straightening my hair/smoothening the curls blah... Nothing sticks for more than a couple of hours. My parents had their typical woes on short hair... but c'mon... once they only noticed after I brought it to their attention, they had lost the rights to yell :P

Monsal Varga said...

After my last comment regarding women affairs, I better not express myself on this one :D

Anyway, I'm sure your haircut looks wonderful. How about your nails? ;)

Jaya said...

Monsal -> You can tell me if it IS wonderful after checking it out on the sidebar :P. Well, good catch... I am saving one nail at a time. For now, it's both the thumbs. Something's better than nothing, or so I tell myself. :)

Monsal Varga said...

I'm like your alter-ego, taking care of your nails :D

I've noticed you changed your picture there, but didn't know if it was on purpose (for the new haircut, I mean).

And it makes you look like spring is here to stay! (it doesn't sound quite ok as in portuguese, sorry)

Sandy said...

Noone notices my haircuts either. And i've gone from hair that drops down to my hips all the way to shoulder length. I think a boy cut would definitely evoke comments from people. But am not too sure I wanna try it. Dont think I have the guts to try something that dramatic :D. Why dont you ;)?

Sachin said...

I did notice it more than 3 times, so don't worry.

Jaya said...

Sandy -> If no one notices on you, then I sure as hell can't crib about me! Lol.
Sachin -> You have??? Kudos!

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