November 19, 2008

No spice!

Note: For the purpose of this blog, 'spice' is the plural of spouse (the way mice the plural of mouse)

It's amazing how sometimes your life is soo parallel with some of your closest friends'. At around the same time, SO, VR, PT and I are left without the spice in our lives for a few days. It's almost like old times in Cincinnati when we anyway hung out with one another by choice. And 3 of us were roommates with SO being the unlisted roomie too. If only we were teleported back in time where we could just spend time with each other in person. Now, we are spread across 3 continents and have no clue when we can all meet together. In the rare event of us being in India at the same time also, we are all spread across 3 states there as well and unless there's really a big occasion, it's hard to meet.

I know everyone says that marriage changes things but I am not sure marriage is entirely responsible for the way we've been geographically strewn apart. And surely, as the spice is in, time for other things dwindle in the effort of doing coupley things together. But everyone needs 'friend time'. The best case scenario is pehaps when you and your spouse share a friend's circle. That way the both of you want to hang out with the same bunch of people. Or if one of you is new to the place, the other introduces you to their existing friend's circle and you just sort of 'adopt' them, which is what has happened with me. Irrespective of that, it's very essential to touch base with all your other friends, the ones with whom you don't hang out with anymore. It sort of helps keep sanity in your life. And it's okay if your spouse isn't a part of this segment of your life... It's just part of the required 'lone time' I guess. Ever since S left for India, I have been on the phone with a lot of my friends... but then I have always been good at keeping in touch either ways. Poor S has never affected that part of my personality. In fact he's very appreciative that I make time for all the other people who are very important to me as well. At the cost of sounding pretentious, I wish some of my other friends were a wee bit like me. (ML - are you listening?) Though it's a two-way street, I have lost touch with some precious people... I rely a lot on modern technology to an extent in that I believe email is a sureshot way of keeping in touch. And it's soo accessible to the modern person these days and I wonder if there's really an excuse not to be in touch anymore (unless it's something serious, of course).

As always, I've digressed from my core point of discussion. This is what is a flow of thought I guess. And I dedicate this post to the spice in our lives and to all those precious friends who are so important to us, together comprising the key demographic that matters to us. Cheers to y'all!


krish said...

Spice as a plural for spouse is a genius idea. So polygamic people have spice in their life, quite literally. They shd include that officially and credit u for it ;). But yes, I do agree with the rest of yr post as well. in that, yeah, we need to make special time for all our friends. once can't just get along thru the whole of life with just the spouse alone. Sanity u said so rightly. Good post yet again. And makes me wonder how u think up things like this everyday.

Self Writeous said...

So this is what happens of people when they get married, they become condiments! :)

Vidhya said...

Can u believe it..PT came over for dinner...Patidev was already done with dinner by the time she came..So we both had dinner together and I popped in "legally blonde"..When the movie ended we both realised we were sitting next to each on the couch covered in a comfy blankie totally engrossed in the movie just like cincy..We missed u..

Jaya said...

krish -> Thank you for the heap of praises. :)

Prad-> Well, they do add a lot of spice in our lives... so what's life without the spice? :D Keep visiting!

Vidya -> Legally Blonde - hahaha. I know.. Remember that time when all of us cramped on the sofa for a roommate picture? I recollect ONE foto very well in that but u deleted it. Hmph.

Vidhya said...

I had to delete it to retain my dignity..

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