November 30, 2008


This may have happened with some of you sometime. You get up in the wee hours of the morning and you can't remember where you are and what's supposed to be happening. Sometimes it just means you slept that well. But some other times other events may add to the confusion, like today for me. I went to sleep pretty late after watching Hum hain rahi pyaar ke, fully aware that it was Sunday today (it is, isn't it?) and I could sleep late. So understandably I was pretty darn confused when the sound of machinery outside my window roused me. I checked the cellphone for the time.
Yeah, that was the time they normally came. But never on the weekends. Had I overslept on a Monday? I checked the cellphone again - Sunday. Still not convinced I tottered over to the laptop. Sunday. Then what the hell was the crew doing outside? I half-opened the shades. And yes, all their machinery was going on in full swing. What the hell was going on? People working on a Sunday? In France? Unheard of. Declaring them all overzealous, I went back to a half-baked sleep.

It is Sunday, right?


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