November 5, 2008

Obama wins

After what seems like an agonizing year of campaigning, if not more, after Obama vs Hilary and then Obama vs McCain and then the entry of Sarah Palin contrasted to the quietude of Joe Biden, after talk about the Alaskan lady's dress sense to wardrobe to family to prank calls to God-knows-what, the results are in - Obama is to be sworn the 44th American President and the first black one. Here are some news updates -,0,4114011.story

And I am not even in the USA. I was rooting for the Democrats in any case. And having spent quite a lot of time following this on World news, I am glad it's over.


Vidhya said...

I am so excited about Obama winning..Was rooting for him.
Felt a lill sorry for Mcain. He seems like a good man.
In the celebration party when Obama made the speech several African Americans (including Oprah) were weeping...It was very touching..

Jaya said...

Vidu -> I saw the speech too. Was pretty cool. he is a darned good orator. And it's great to see a vast change in the political character of the US. Lets hope he rings in the good change everyine's hoping for!

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