November 12, 2008

Bye bye Ganguly

I wanted to say many things about this man I have watched and drooled over in the past. But my brother pretty much surmised everything I could ever say. Here's his post.

All said n done.


PrivateMartin said...

well your bro writes very well as you do. i think its in your family.

if you dont mind please advice him to make his blog a bit more attractive (layout and design wise)like yours, i am sure he will attract more readers. I am just saying!!!!

tell you what i cant write any article like u guys do. i only post a few things that were sent to me by my friends. in my mobile blog i try to post some of the pics i have taken from my mobile.

Jaya said...

Privatemartin -> Thanks so much. I did forward your comment to him n lets hope he takes some action ;). I have read some of yr forwarded things. they are sweet. But you shd try writing about ur own experiences. Its a totally different feel.

Ram said...

Ok done... but don't complain that it just looks like yours now! ;)

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