November 17, 2008

The way they were

This past weekend was a movie marathon for me... mostly at home on the HDTV and just one outside in the theater. But really this post is about those movies I saw at home. Amongst others, I played DDLJ, Barsaat (1995), HAHK, K3G, and KKHH. For people unfamiliar with these abbreviations, the rest of the post isn't going to make much sense either. Well, as I watched I noticed so many things with a fresh perspective which I probably didn't in the past, either because I had no opinions back then or was in awe of these actors/actresses.

1. The costumes - what were they thinking? When I saw some of Kajol's clothes in DDLJ and many of Madhuri's in HAHK, I visually cringed. Add colour to the screen, ok.. but what about style/quality or class? What about Kajol's halter blue dress in Ruk ja or her glasses throughout the movie? I still do think Maddy's Didi Tera was a good outfit and one to be copied, but the green/white lehenga in Joote Do Paise Lo - what the heck was that?

2. The melodrama - Yes, all our movies have been dramatic. But something were a bit too much to take. Like Twinkle Khanna in Barsaat overall. no wonder she isn't in movies anymore. Or like Jaya Bacchan in K3G or even Hrithik for that matter - that movie was all about the sobs.. Everyone was weeping in some frame or the other... Eeks... Portraying India with a colourful song n dance culture is one thing... and conveying that family does matter and everything is another, but making us look like tap-eyed people is plain dumb.

3. Timeline - There is no concept of timelines in these 'family movies'. For example, Rahul in KKHH would be married and have an 8 year old before Anjali was even engaged. And Tina chose to reveal the love reunion of her surviving husband to her 8 year old daughter in the last letter fully trusting that Anjali would still be single and in love. Oh and here's another one - Rahul (again!!) in K3G has a family tiff that's securely kept from Rohan for God-knows-how-many-years and when he wishes to find him, all it takes is one internet search!! If that's the case, why haven't we found Vishal Taneja yet???

I know it's all just a movie... and one shouldn't take many things to heart. But there has to be some logic in the sequence of events. When there are perfectly sensible movies like RDB, Lagaan (come to think of it most Aamir Khan movies with the exception of perhaps Fanaa), the brain just begs reason. But well, I do thank the Karan Johar genre... my weekend melted away. And sensible or not, these movies are all definitely timepass. And that's all most of the public wants anyways.


chinmayi said...

very true. i remember ridiculing some of these sappy movies with my husband when i saw chalte chalte recently. seemed very stupid. good obsevation. and nice pictuers on the stream u have running on the site. u r a good photografer.

Jaya said...

Chinmayi -> Thank you for all the compliments. I appreciate it. Do keep visiting :)

Vidhya said...

I guess it is becoz of your age and maturity..Like I know I liked some HAHK when I was in school..when I saw it a few years back I was embarrassed..
Also sometimes u just love some movies for ur lifetime coz of the memory of seeing it the first time (presumably at a younger age)..But others seeing for the first time at older age may not like it..Remember sachin and me made u watch "choti si baat". And we both were like we loove the movie and u didn't seem to like it too much

Jaya said...

Vidhs-> I didn't "not like" Chhoti si Baat... I guess u guys had hyped it so much that it didn't live up. I do feel some of the older movies are way better than the ones that came in the late 80s and the 90s. For example, remember Kajol's and Shilpa's costumes in Baazigar? I loved the movie but the costumes are hideous. But I see what you mean I guess.

Sachin said...

I think it's also to do with the girl mentality. I am aware most girls watch the loooong booooring soaps just to check out the latest trends in costume, jewels and interiors rather than the story. As for us guys, I didn't even know "aisa bhi hota hain" till reena told me this purpose. So for us, we just watch the movie for its comedy, action, romance, sex, thrills and everything else it has to offer which makes them, most of the times, same to watch. Like I am sure that the costumes in AAA are the worst ever, but still the movie is such that u wont pay attention to the costumes, just enjoy the comedy.
Vidu - As for chhoti si baat, its an evergreen timeless classic. Chhupke chhupke, khoobsurat (Rekha) and all similar H. Mukerjee ones are too good.

Ram said...

turns out... we just found Vishal!!! His brother Sanjeev just emailed me! He is doing his PG in Dentistry in Pune. More details later.

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