November 24, 2008

MindBlogging does Winter!

Well yes the season of snow is here... It snowed yesterday here in Paris and that's what gave me the idea actually... so I played with the template to make a winter theme (there's not much change except the header and a couple of colours here n there). And it's definitely not as colourful as Fall was... But do let me know what you all think.

And Happy Winter to everyone who has one! And Happy Holiday season as well!


krish said...

Beautiful! Really you have a talent for this stuff... Looks wintery along the sides but u've maintained the cozy yellow for the center. Looks awesome. So you plan to create spring n summer as they come?

Seshadri said...

Isn't this cincinnati?

Jaya said...

Krish -> Thank you. And needless to say, keep visiting :)

Sesh -> Yeah, this is Winter 2007 when we had that glassy effect on everything... And that building behind is Braunstein. Fond memories :)

PrivateMartin said...

nice work Jaya. i am still waiting for my bit of snowfall here in Bradford, UK.

It hardly snows here now unline 15-20 years ago when it used to snow a lot that you will bee knee deep in the fluffy snow.

Jaya said...

PrivateMartin -> Thank you. But this is not Paris... the Parisian snow vanished hours after the meager fall. This is Cincinnati where every year we can look forward to the snowy whites :D... But I just wanted to give MindBlogging a snowy look.

PrivateMartin said...

check this post of mine:

You can see a few pics of bradford, couple of them shows snow.

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