August 29, 2008


Well, I am sure many of you are aware of the 'popular' online Tamil movie site, Tamilgrounds. But what you're probably not familiar with is the pathetic customer service that they (donot) give. For starters, their customer service is restricted to 'creating tickets' to which the admin people supposedly respond. And get this... at the end of the monthly membership, instead of offering you the option of renewing it, they 'automatically' do it. And when you send disgruntled tickets asking them to discontinue the account and inform you about it, they delete your ticket to make it look like there is no record of it. I am appalled at the service and after repeated tickets, I think I am going to have to shut the bank account or block them out to have them NOT renew the membership automatically. For what it's worth, the movie qualities are pretty bad and most movies do not open at all! It's crazy how they rip you off and take absolutely no action to try and pacify their disgruntled customers! For anyone considering memberships with Tamilgrounds or Bollygrounds or any of their 'family', think again and please avoid it.

Update: I am happy to say that all my cursing has led them to discontinue my account. However, they have to 'discuss the refund' it seems. I plan to link this post to them so that they know what I am thinking. Hmph


Anonymous said...

That sucks! I thought all these online movie sites had come a long way. i am surprised tat there are such unprofessional ones still in business. You should send your blog about them to them... they can delete yor ticket but not the blog! Good luck

Anonymous said...

Absolutely same things with me...I thought to try this for a month but didn't like the quality of movies but to my surprise they automatically renewed my subscription which even after my severla tickets which they don't show up anywhere they continuosuly charging me monthly fee.... I request everyone to not to use this site for any reason and do not share your cc information even by mistake.

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