August 15, 2008

The Varalakshmi Nombu

Before I get to the post, Happy Independence Day everyone. :)

Today was the first of many things... It was the first Varalakshmi Nombu for me post-wedding. For those unfamiliar with the rituals, here's a synopsis - But this meant I had to shoulder the responsibility of being the 'woman-of-the-house', and cook the yummy treats that I took for granted all the years till now, wake up at 6:00 am to cook everything post a head-shower (I was allowed the luxury of sleeping-in in those premarital days), prepare everything for the pooja, etc etc etc.

Amongst this is what I consider supremely challenging - making the vadais and the kozhakattais (a.k.a modak). And I took down the recipe from Patti and followed it to the P. Who said victory isn't sweet? It certainly is when it's a sweet rice dumpling like the kozhakattai.

Or the crispy vadais (though I didn't shape them too well... hehehehe. There's always room for improvement!)


Shant said...

Great Jaya.. the dishes look appetizing.

Nithya said...

Wow Jaya...The dishes seem to have come out very well! :)

Jaya said...

Thanks Shant n Nithya :)

Cinci said...

yum yum yummyyyyyyyy!!!

Manjari said...

ook.the previous comment was me !

Jaya said...

Hahaha.. Thanks Manj.. :)

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