August 5, 2008


Its a Tamil habit, I think, to rhyme one word with another that makes no sense most of the time. The exceptions are aadu-maadu (goat-cow), veedu-kaadu (house-forest), etc. But usually its really senseless things like paalu-geelu (milk-senseless_word), kaapi-geepi (coffee-senseless_word), or dressu-gissu (Dress-senseless_word)... Ok you get my point. Actually I don't know why the senseless word usually is a rhyme of the original but with a 'g'.

Anyhoo, coming to the point of the post, I joined the gym finally today. And they have a lot of interesting things going on... There are dance aerobics, even salsa lessons and all over at the gym. This seems to be a great way to melt away time (and weight, I hope) over the vacations. And on other days. I've taken an annual membership. And my Patti asked me over the phone, "Gymmu-gimmu poitu vandhiya?" (Did you go the gym-gim?)

Hence the title of the post. :)


Sachin said...

I think its an Indian habit. Its there in Hindi (dress-ves, gaadi-vadi) and even in Marathi (kapde-bipde etc.). The initial letter differs. And its not just like that, M has told me that there is a story about Vishwamitra who wished to create another world. But Lord Indra denied the possibility and said that people will always mention this world in an imaginary way with every real thing. Hence the habit.

Jaya said...

Sachin-> Wow.. I had no idea that there was an epic reason. Thanks for the 'enlightenment' :)

Radhika said...

I was asking the husband to pick his keys and I said take the 'chaavi-geevi' :)

Yup, whats with the 'g' in the rubbish word?

Jaya said...

Rad - Totally weird and cultivated entirely from upbringing, I tell you.

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