August 12, 2008

India's own shooting star :D

Finally, for the first time ever, someone has managed to win an individual Olympic Gold for India. And that someone is Abhinav Bindra. Here's his wiki page. And news of his victory. Indeed a proud moment for billion plus people in India. With the National Anthem as the ideal background music, Abhinav Bindra was crowned champion of the Mens 10m Rifle event. At least I hope this paves the way for more sportspersons in India to embrace other sports than traditionally cricket which doesn't say much either, having won the only World Cup in 1983, agood 25 years ago. Let us hope n pray that the younger generation comes up with more diversity in their sport choice and do our proud by winning honours at the International Level.

On that note, good luck, Saina.


Priya said...

yup, for the size of our population, the size on the Olympic team we send is teeny tiny. I hope we start spending atleast a fraction of the amount spent on cricket to encourage other sports.

Jaya said...

Priya-> With the new wrestling medal, I am hoping more youngsters are inspired to delve in other sports as well. And well pointed that the govt needs to encourage and spend on other sports.

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