August 7, 2008

Holy Cramp!

The thing about gymming is that you need to be in touch.... or you need to ease yourself into it. The best part is that I knew all the gyaan. In spite of that, I think the sheer excitement (:S) or the enthusiasm of joining a gym with world-class facility overcame my senses. And so on my second day overall... and first day at the centre close to home, in the process of 'discovering' all the equipment, I ended up working out close to 2 hours. And I ended in exhilaration (because of the high heart rate), took a quick shower and then came home in sweltering heat (where I thought I was going to die of a sun stroke) and while everything seemed on a high, I cramped!! Muscles which I didn't know existed announced their existence in the form of pain... :( And so, today was a rest day. Going by the pain I am (did I tear a ligament or something?), I think I am going to skip it tomorrow as well! Here's to working out and the mini-breaks it provides us in not-so-happening ways.


Chinmaya said...

Just a additional note (you probably already know because you did talk about gyan :)), always try to work out your body in waves. One day upper body and the next day lower. Also they say any workout longer then 45 minutes (perfect) to 1 hour (if you are more then a weekend warrior) is not suggested for amateurs as it is very inefficient to workout longer then that.
Now for the final piece of it, always eat about 1 hour before your workout (carbohydrates like oat meal and such), drink lot of water and ice your limbs after the workout. You should be close to normal in 2-3 days (provided you ice the cramping and sore area everyday).
Good luck and keep working.

Jaya said...

Thanks for all the additional gyaan Chinmaya.. I appreciate it :D

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