September 16, 2009

That elusive balcony

Forever it's been my desire
To watch life go by from some place higher
And how it skipped me is a mystery
That elusive balcony.

To sip my chai undeterred
Even as my mind wandered
How I wish that could be
But for that elusive balcony.

To always live on the ground floor
Oh no, what a bore..
Through apartments aplenty across many a city
I haven't yet had that elusive balcony.

Surely next time I hope n pray
That finally fate will give way
And so it will come to me
That elusive balcony.


moonlight said...

To sip my chai undeterred
Even as my mind wandered

Interesting..... I like your composition.....Well...keep on with it.....Waiting for more of the sort...;)

krish said...

Very nice. Didn't know you are a poet too!

Gandalf said...

Poor thing. I hope u get yr balcony too. Good luck on the next hunt :-)

Jaya said...

Thanks everyone. Keep visiting!

Musing Gal said...

Very nice poem.. very original :)

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> Thanks :). Keep visiting!

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