September 7, 2009

Hit n run

Hit-on: The slang for being approached by someone at the outset with not-so-platonic intentions.

Have you ever been hit-on by someone? No, I mean, really... And this question is no longer restricted only to the female folk.. The women these days have become as brazen in their ways and do not hesitate hitting on the men either, though I must admit they probably have more class than most men. I am not here to discuss the "art of hitting on someone". I am here to discuss the repercussions. Who's more embarrassed? The person being approached or the approacher? Logically you'd assume it's the "approacher" considering they are making the first move. But after a few incidents, I am convinced that's not the case. Almost after "incident", everyone I know of is left embarrassed wondering what it is about them that they are singled out to be hit-on by random people? And I don't know if the rejection makes them squirm, but it sure doesn't make you feel any hotter (in most cases). So while discussing a recent "incident" that happened to a friend, we decided we didn't understand it entirely. So, help me out here. Have we not understood the concept of the "hitting on" game? Take this snippet of conversation for example -

Him: Hi, my name's XYZ. What's yours?
Her: Do I know you?
Him: No, but I'd like to.
Her: Sorry, I don't talk to strangers.
Him: We won't be strangers if we became friends and went for a cup of coffee.
Him: What's your phone number?
Her: Excuse me?

Is it this the usual way? Is it so cut and dried that people no longer have the interest in finessing things over? No chance meetings... no small talk, just a cut to the chase. In some ways this is probably better. All the chance meetings and small talk might otherwise create an illusion of "friendship" which most certainly doesn't exist (look at all our Tamil movies for examples - most plots are chance meetings ending in sappy love stories). Does it happen in real life though? Or are all these moves inspired by movies? (I used to think it was the other way around). Maybe it does or maybe that's what the "approachers" are hoping for. And hey, they'll probably never find that elusive person unless they hit-on everyone else in the vicinity. And that means that people like us become the carnage along their road to their dating destiny.


chandni said...

Tell me about it! And it's even worse when they don't just go away once you don't want to have coffee with them or something. I had dis annoying experience where dis dude followed me home from the bus stop where he first propositioned me. It was a bit scary I mus say coz you never know what can happen in all this. I think it's a very "chance marneka" mentality. They dont kno if they'll fail till they try it. Very interesting post and I actually identified with it. Thanks!

Gandalf said...

I've never had anyone hit on me.. A few have tried hitting on my gf, though she virtuously tells them that she is in a relationship. If you ask me, I tell your friend what I tell her - enjoy while you can.. And it's pretty harmless in the end. So there's no formula for hitting on - it's just score (or not)

Googler said...

To answer the point of your post, I think it's embarrassing to both parties. One needs to the gust to do the approaching and the other is either embarrassed to accept the proposition or reject it. But the person asking obviously is past all this.. so I guess the person being asked faces the brunt of it having been put in the spot. Nice post. And like Gandalf said, it's a pretty minor occurring in the big fat dating pool.

Jaya said...

Chandni-> You put your finger on it. The "chance marneka" mentality as you said it. I guess in this day n age they think everyone's fair game and do not really weigh out the options at all. If it works, well n good and if it doesn't, no harm done. Thanks for the comment and in the process assuring me of your continued reading ;). Visit again!

Gandalf-> The totally secure dude, you are, huh? Telling your girlfriend to enjoy the hit-ons. i'd have thought they might've made you wild. Evidently people like you do exist. lol. Cool, yeah, I am sure that probably on some very impersonal level, she didn't mind being hit on.. but it's the whole approach is what is irritating, I guess. Anyhoo, thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

Googler-> Absolutely. This is pretty minor in the modern-day dating scene. And for every "incident" that didn't work, there must be other parallels where it did work and the people narrating those stories won't be talking about the "creeps". Instead the storyline'd be like - this gorgeous guy asked my out in the cutest way. Lol. Look how perceptions can make the same incident sound rosy and thorny all at once. Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

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