September 22, 2009


Out come the boxes
With crackle of duct tape
And so much stuff in excess
Is there no escape?

Stacking and packing
There is no respite
Cleaning and dismantling...
Will last many a night.

Ooh, it's just the beginning
For we have to do it all again
I mean the unpacking
To be done God-knows-when!

One thing's evident
I hate to move
Oh what do I tell ya
It's just not my groove.

PS: Happy 10th "anniversary" fellow F-Batchmates of HCE! Can't believe it's been 10 years since we all met each other. Cheers!!


Krish said...

Ha ha ha. That's funny. But if it's any consolation, everyone's been there, done that. Good luck!

cozycat said...

Me likey the rhymes. :D

Nithya said...

Having moved 3 places in the past year, I totally empathize! Hope u've got all the help u'll need. Good luck!

Deepak said...

Very nice! And I didn't know you went to HCE! Happy Anniversary!

Jaya said...

Thanks all of you... there sure is no Wordsworth in me, but like my friend Maddy pointed out, sorta along the lines of Phoebe (hopefully better?) And Deepak, thanks for the anniversary wishes.. I did go to HCE, probably 4 years after you.

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