September 18, 2009

Being Jaya

I saw this movie called Julie and Julia yesterday. To make short of the story, it's about how one woman makes a life out of challenging herself into trying all the recipes written by a famous chef within 1 year and keeping it up by creating a blog. It charts her triumphs, her meltdowns and how she thinks that she is the center of the universe and how she is more worried about disappointing her readers than herself. It set me thinking. It is so true of almost everyone who blogs, I guess. Not always for the disappointment factor, but also for the treading-the-fine-line factor, especially on sensitive issues.

The weird thing about having a personal blog is that it's not really a personal space. But it is something I've chosen to share with everyone, not something I've been forced to. Over the course of MindBlogging, I realize that I have expressed my views over a variety of things/incidents/experiences, blah. And of course there are 2 sides to every coin. While some people agree with my view point, others don't. And that's perfectly alright. There's a reason this is my blog. It's about my thoughts (sorry about center-of-the-universe vibe). And unless you're me, we can agree to disagree.


Krish said...

Of course no one can think EXACTLY like someone else. And if you were going to be expressing some global view, then you could just be writing a column or something. But hey, these days even columnists and all don't take a global view. Maybe its a biased view of sorts. But come to think of it, I do'nt think I've ever disagreed with you. Something to cheer :-)

Gandalf said...

Disagreeing with someone's views is perfectly alright. If it sparks a healthy debate, even better. But being an anonymous slimeball is not (I read that comment before you deleted it). If you don't have something good to say, probably don't say it at all. On your side, Ms J ;)

Googler said...

Amen to that Gandalf.. I donno wat the anon comment may have said. But seriously, it's kinda mean (and cowardly) leaving anonymous one-liners. I have that problem on my blog a lot of times too. Really annoying man.

And about the post, I agree.. Everyone's different. Ergo, everyone thinks different. A discussion forum - well appreciated? Negativity - Oh no, thanks.

Jaya said...

Krish->Thanks man... I've noticed you've never really disagreed with me. Kinda puts us on the same wavelength. And yes, it is something to cheer. Thanks and keep visiting!

Gandalf-> Wow.. that was quick. I thought I removed that comment reasonably early. But you got there first. Lol. Yeah well, I guess some people have to express their negativity. Actually this discussion will make for a good post by itself. What say? Thanks for the vote of confidence and the show of support. I appreciate it. Keep visiting!

Googler-> What? You have a blog? You've never shared! Please do. Thank you too for the support and keep visiting!

Radhika said...

Hi Jaya,

As always, a very insightful post true to your heart. Like you have said, only you can think like you. In fact I am glad that you share everything here so that I have something nice to read first thing when I get to work in the morning. And just like in the news you read something you don't agree with, sometimes what we read here may not be what we agree with. But like gandalf says its no reason to be mean. I like this post like I like everything you write. Nice job. Thank you.

Jaya said...

Radhika->Thanks.. that's very sweet of you. Please do keep visiting :)

Payal said...

very well said Jaya - a blog is where one gets to share one's world, thoughts, emotions, opinions...and at the same open to comments, different view points and feedback - which makes it interesting!

makes me want to start blogging again :))

Jaya said...

Payal-> Sorry for the super-late reply! :D. I think you shd take up blogging again (if you haven't already!) Thanks for visiting and I hope you still are! Cheers!

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