September 2, 2009

New-age "writers"

At the pace technology is going, I am afraid that none of our children are going to identify with the art of "writing". And by this, I don't mean the content of the text, the grammar, the puns, the insinuations or none of the finer nuances that make a good write-up. I mean, quite literally, the process of "writing" itself. Though every article/blog or anything has been made out to be a "write"-up, isn't it really just a type-up? The other day I was trying to write a letter (snail-mail) to someone and I found that after about 4 lines of my neat, semi-cursive hand, my wrist had an annoying ache which I've never had in my days of 20+ pages Madras University answer sheets. And on closer inspection, my handwriting was progressively deteriorating. After just 4 lines. It was shocking how used to typing I was now, that my hands refused to hold a pen long enough to complete a letter. If after over 20 years of actual writing, the past few have obliterated the need to, I can't imagine how our next generation is going to be... And to think I was big on ink-pens and had a collection boasting Sheaffer, Waterman, Parker and what not. Good that I gave it all back to Appa who bought them for me in the first place. At least I know that the generation before us are still used to scribbling on notepads and writing out lists and sending out postal letters. In fact my bro n I used to go stationary-shopping in Kuwait where my father was and bought all sorts of fancy notebooks (the paper variety and not the trendy laptops) and what not. And that's how I started writing a journal in the first place. And remember those 4-line books? The ones that were the practice books for cursive writing? I won't be surprised if they are out of production by the time the next generation goes to school. Somethings are best left unchanged... and writing particularly has a big, old-world charm to it, something the future isn't going to appreciate much. Sigh!


Payal said...

so true..i have still kept some of my letters from a calligraphy competition at the 4-line notebook! lol!
and recently I sent a hand written letter to my parents - and they loved it. i have several hand written letters from them - and each one is so special -- emails don't have that personal touch..your own handwriting in a letter has its own charm..keep up the good writing! very well written blog yet again!

Jaya said...

Payal-> Thanks for sharing your views! I totally understand what you mean. I recently discovered a letter that Appa had written to me 15 years or more ago. It was sooo cute and so full-of-memories to read it... It's an experience that reading some old blog cannot imitate. I am so going to go back to writing letters and stuff... it's legacy that lasts forever. Seeing someone's handwriting on ink cannot be replicated by reading something they typed. The feelings invoked are never that real. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Visit again!

Parasuraman said...

Well Written blog in another 15 yrs or so child in the first grade will carry a lap top rather than slate and kuchhi as we use"d to carry;nothing like snail mail where u can even make out how healthy is the person writing the same.there are persons who can read ur hand writing and tell fortunes.lets try to write as much as we can.good work.

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