September 21, 2009

Comments anyone?

Well well... here's where we get to the heart of the blogger's world. Comments. Without the comments, it seems almost unacknowledged that your blog gets read at all, but for the Statcounter that sits there proclaiming that 150 people have visited your blog in a single day. That sounds great... but with no comments, it's hard to tell if people enjoyed or cussed your blog for it's contents. Well, the bigger person may say that they don't care and that they use it as an outlet for their emotions, blah.. but we know that in every bigger person, there hides a tiny little part that wishes that people would just comment! And it's not a big ask, considering that we're the ones who sit n dole out every aspect of our lives for dissection while the rest of you only have to put in some words of encouragement, support, acknowledgement or in pertinent cases, make relevant contributions to the discussions in question.

Of course I realize that not everyone will enjoy everything you write about. But does that authorize them to leave anonymous one-liners that neither relate to the content of the post nor do justice to the rest of the stuff you've written about? I don't think so. Like my friend Gandalf pointed out in the comments section of the previous post, if you have nothing good to say, you should probably say nothing at all. And this is strictly in relevance to unrelated comments that contribute nothing to the content of the post. On the other hand, a healthy debate about some discussion is more than welcome and we've seen it happen in quite a few topics in the past. So does it make me vain if I delete these anonymous comments that are plain derogatory? Probably. But it's in keeping with the fact that these comments are left anonymous for a reason. Does that sound reasonable? No anonymous comments on this one please.


Deepak said...

I couldn't agree with you more and in fact that is one of the main reasons I started losing interest and eventually stopped blogging. I remember, I had a similar post on my blog with zero comments, I doubt that would be the case here.

Keep writing! You Rock!

Gandalf said...

You know I am here all the time. Need I say more?

The Muse ... said...

I agree :). Somewhere there does hide a tiny little part wishing people would comment.I noticed you removed the check boxes at the bottom of the posts. I use them on my own blog and I've noticed people just use those instead of commenting. Good move :).

Radhika said...

We are all here to comment and keep the blog flowing :-). By the way jaya, it has been a very long time since you last wrote any new recipe. R u still cooking? ;) Do put somehting new and nice.

Tijuana junkie said...

You have one of the best personal blogs I've seen. Who could possibly leave a sad one-liner? Don't let it dampen anything. You're doing great.

sivakumar said...


Jaya said...

Deepak, Gandalf-> Thanks a lot for the show of support. Please keep visiting!

The Muse-> Seriously! It just made it easy for people to check that and not bother any further... You should take it off too :)

Radhika-> Thanks! Well, now that you ask - no, I am not experimenting much these days with cooking - it's all the tried and tested recipes thus far (plus I had a 2 month cook break, 1 when my MIL was here and the other when I went to India and so it's been hard enough getting back on track let alone experiment). But I plan to get at it soon enough! Thanks for the comment n keep visiting :)

Tijuana junkie-> Thanks so much! Keep visiting!!

Siva-> Finally!! After deleting the comment three times, you deigned to leave behind the link! Lol. Just kidding. This is a good link... but of course you understand that I have no qualms against reading opinions that are different from my own. In fact it gives me a different perspective of things. The object of this post was to quell the comments that were of no merit to the post at all and plain mean for the mere viciousness of it. We could all do with lesser of that, don't you think? I mean why comment about something irrelevant at all? I am sure you agree. Thanks for the link!

Krish said...

Sivakumar, thanks for the link. But big surprise, I think she already clarified what she meant was not that she shouldn't get *any* negative comments. I guess people should know the difference between saying something negative and pertinent to the discussion and just saying something for the heck of it. I mean honestly, no one forced anyone to write a comment. So why write something mean if it doesn't relate to the post at all? Guess that's what jaya explained in a less-verbose manner. But I had to voice out.

Sheila said...

I visit your blog almost everyday. Love your writing. I wish websites like Desipundit would link to your blog.

But I like the feature in your blog: interesting, funny...where did it go..That way I don't feel the need to comment.

Jaya said...

Krish-> Thanks for taking my side. I guess it was Siva's idea to share the link to kinda explain why a lot of people voice up when it's negative rather than positive. But just as we've reiterated it doesn't matter whether it's one or the other if it is indeed relevant to the post. Thanks for voicing up and keep visiting of course!

Sheila-> Thanks.. you made my day! But see, taking off the boxes made you speak out - I would like to know about my readers you see... those boxes just made it easy for people who liked it to check and gave an excuse for some others to be unnecessarily nasty, which is the reason I took them off. Thanks for the comment and please keep visiting!

PrivateMartin said...

hi there jaya.

Agree with your point. comments let u know that someone actually read your post because unless they read it they cant comment as opposed to traffic counter.

i remember having a discussion with you when i read my first post on this blog about the e-cigarettes.

take care and keep bloging

Payal said...

hehe..true..comments keeps the spirit high..true for everything.

when people come and read the blog and don't leave a comment - it is like having met someone you know but not being greeted!

you are a great writer...keep the good work going!!


Jaya said...

PrivateMartin-> Yes, I remember that too! And yes, seriously unless we actually have comments, it's hard to say if the blog stands read, appreciated or discussed at all! Thanks for the comment n keep visiting! Beti kaisi hai?

Payal-> Thanks Payal. that's very sweet of you; You should start writing by the way, in reference to your comment on the other post. It's fun, keeps you occupied and keeps others interested. Get started! ood luck!!

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