February 24, 2009

The joy from sharing

People are different in many ways. How they behave, how they talk, walk, blah blue, but of course... But here's an interesting one - The way people deal with joy. Traditionally, though I am a "private" person, I enjoy sharing my source of happiness with my closest friends. That's what makes it finite for me. What I mean by that is that by revealing my source of happiness to my closest gang/family, I have them revel in my success/accomplishment/blah and that's what makes it even more special, in that they validate the event for the huge happening that it is. Take getting accepted into the University of your choice for example. Sure, you don't tell "everyone" till you've gotten your visa and are all set to fly... but you do tell the people that matter. And their encouragement, appreciation and happiness for you is what makes the whole event seem even more special than it already is. It's sort of on the same lines of not saying something unpleasant loud for the fear of realizing that it is true.

However, I've come to realize that many other people deal with their joy in ways different from mine. And I've categorized them as the -
Rooftop Howler - Ava enna paathu sirichutaaa (Alaiypayuthey style... share-the-joy-with-the-rest-of-the-world-and-it-multiplies type)
Cautious Cat - Why tell everyone till everything is settled? (Better-safe-than-sorry type)
Apprehensive Hold-it-all - Not everyone has the best intentions/vibes to you, so why share with anyone just yet? (Share-the-joy-with-others-and-it-divides type)
Worry wart - Everything's going too well to be true. Can tragedy be around the corner?

Interesting, isn't it? I guess it's each person's innate nature to deal with their lives differently and of course we all learn to accept it. The oldest expectation in human nature is perhaps reciprocation. Something along the lines like - I told you all of this, so why can't you tell me the same? Everyone is different and chooses to react to different situations differently from one another. Joy is one of those unexpected things. Happiness is not as easily shared with everyone by all. Of course in my unsolicited opinion, the others are missing out on something. Sharing with the right people does multiply joy. Opinions, anyone?


Sang said...

yes I agree....Sharing joy with others does make the happiness double...

Jaya said...

Thanks Sang. Needless to say, keep visiting n commenting :)

Vidhya said...

I agree..But sometimes sharing with the right ppl is important..Some people are joykillers..Sharing happiness with these ppl results in deflation of your own happiness ( they show u all the things that can wrong in the current situation..)..Brings u down

Jaya said...

Vids -> That's what I've concluded. There's no sense shouting off the rooftops till you know everyone that hears is the "right" one. :)

Ramya Venkat said...

Hey Good post!! n the way u have categorized ppl is so rightly done.. ;)
well, all of us love to share our joys wid our loved ones n well-wishers for sure. But i guess, most of us at one pt in time at least would be a cautious-cat or apprehensive hold-it-all types with the rest of the world!..
coz someone's out there to hinder your happiness, just as vidhya said..

Jaya said...

Ramya -> Thanks for agreeing and hence the categorization. As we become mature we realize that not everyone has the best intentions and hence we hold back certain things before letting them loose... It's all part of human nature. Thanks for commenting n keep visiting :)

mysticmelodiez said...


I agree, joy truly does multiply by sharing with others; however, picking wisely whom all to share it with is where it gets tricky and hence the apprehension! As a new comer, wanted to share that I thoroughly enjoyed "especially" this post of yours :)


Jaya said...

Mysticmelodiez -> Thank you for commenting and "following". And glad that you enjoyed the post. Please do feel free to comment if you enjoy anything else as well. Keep visiting!

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