February 15, 2009

Winter Blues

Paris had another bout of snow last week. I am about done with winter here. I am told by the Parisiens that this winter's been especially bad. We had a low of -7°C this season and that was the first week of school. The regulars probably remember a complaining post back then too. But seriously... the black ice and slippery roads apart, I have other complaints too. I am bored of my winter wardrobe and of not wearing open-toed sandals/shoes. Yeah these are frivolous issues... but they do exist. The only thing I see myself in is my variety of sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets. And its gotten boring to me more than anyone else. And the cold weather and dreary climate outside have a way of making your spirits gloomier too, brightened only by the occasional hot drink. And that's not sustaining enough. If that's not enough the barren tree branches don't call for any cheer either. The literal bright side of this is that finally the daylight has started extending past 5:30pm. For a period in between, I was leaving home in complete darkness and returning in darkness as well. And the only daylight I caught was outside my cold office's window which was minimally comforting. I guess I didn't complain much about much harsher Cincy winters because I didn't have anywhere to go to. My life was encompassed around the 1km radius of UC and home and that's all I saw. Everyone I knew lived near me and we had a blast in each others well-heated homes n such and barely skipped the UC perimeter. We even saw movies and everything in the big screen of ERC 427. That was life there. Life here has the potential to be a bit more happening. There are places that we'd like to go, things we'd like to do but we find ourselves modifying plans in keeping with the sad weather. The good part is that the lament has struck in the latter part of winter and the snow is slowly melting away to admit Spring. Soon, it'll all change.


Krish said...

The cold has a way of dampening spirits like nothing else. Like everything this'll pass. And like you've mentioned, it's almost gone. Hang in there. Lol.

Gandalf said...

What's with you girl and wardrobes? Uncannily my gf complained the other day that her old sweaters were too drab and she dragged me to this chick shop - aeropostale to get a new sweatshirt. Women n clothes, I tell you!

Jaya said...

Krish -> Thank you.
Gandalf -> That's the way women work. Get used to it. Lol.

sivakumar said...

There are many things that we love about cold weather:
- No sweat
- Hot bajji, vadai etc with chutney, snuggly blankets, curling up on the couch watching TV or reading a book
- Smells clean and fresh outside.. ( The dust during summer is incredible in France)
- nothing like a window seat in a warm restaurant/bar with friends watching a street full of people during a snow
- After the gym, and after being at the sauna at 85° C, coming out to feel the cold breeze on your face..hmmmmm
- People look good in winter clothes.

and many more....The list above is my Top 6. :o)


Jaya said...

Nice list Siva. Thanks for lifting my spirits :)

Shiva kumar Shankar said...

So bad, We had a relatively cold weekend, hovering around 6C. It was terrible :P

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