February 28, 2009

A Yummy Apology

Believe it or not… that’s the name of a font. This font in fact– A Yummy Apology.

While I was downloading it, as always my head backtracked to another topic – to actual apologies. The over-abused word, “Sorry” that has now stopped meaning something most of the time. I mean, it simply rolls out of our tongues to explain our actions, be it something as simple as colliding with someone unexpectedly or as big as, well, I couldn’t think of anything.. but you get the point. But here’s the twist in the tale. My thoughts were not about how easy it was getting to apologize… but how easy it was for someone to accept an apology.

As much as I loathe forgiving something, or so I’d like to believe, I accept apologies for simple things very easily. And I have witnessed that I stay pissed at something/someone for very little time for cheesy things like being late or for not calling and after steaming it out a bit with them, I relax and become completely ok. So when the apology finally comes from the person, I am all too happy to say - “Oh that’s alright” and be normal with them henceforth. However it is not that easy with everyone. In the time that I steam, some people stay absolutely calm and leave the steaming for when the apology comes. I don’t know which is worse. On the one hand when you yell away in the beginning, it’s all out in the open, the person you yell at has the time to reflect at it and then get back with a suitable apology. But when the yelling comes when the apology is issued, it ensues further apologies based on successive accusations. And so it seems like the initial apology is not accepted right away. And somehow the makes the apologizer feel like it’s a bigger fault of his/hers than it probably is. It’s a tricky thing, I guess.

On the other hand, certain things are best left uncomplicated. For silly misgivings, the best thing would be to view it in the grand scheme of things and give it the value it deserves. For example, tardiness these days barely evokes anything more than a smart comment from me about how my time is valuable. And that seems to get the job done better than all the yelling that I previously had to resort to. Like I somewhere discovered, simplicity deals with everything the best way that can be dealt. Simple but powerful.


Anonymous said...

sorry, hope i am not late to comment :)

Jaya said...

Karmanna -> Lol.

Jas said...

I love the layout of ur blog and the pics are amazing.

Jaya said...

Jas -> Thanks a bunch. Glad you enjoy it... Keep visiting!

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