February 23, 2009

Shaan of India - Rahman

Of course all of us Indians just knew that Rahman would win at the Oscars.. so it was just an acknowledgment of the joy when the validation came from the international society and the world-acclaimed highest accolade for excellence in the Cine industry. Here are some news items on the victory of Rahman (2 Oscars) and overall of Slumdog Millionaire (8 Oscars).



And of course those of us who've heard Rahman before know that Slumdog isn't his best and his best will keep getting better by the day. I mean, we are talking about the man who scored Roja in his debut. He is not an ordinary composer and if the International society thinks he got lucky or any of that, it's just the opposite. They got lucky to hear a bit of what he's capable of and surely, they're back for seconds, thirds and what not. He's made us truly proud. But like I said, we've already been there. So, it's not a surprise that no Indian who's heard Rahman's music is surprised at his winning. Go Rahman... you make us proud every moment of every day we hear you!


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