October 31, 2008

The Awakening

Of the simplest kind... of literally waking up. Chill has taken hold of Paris and most days even for a quick riser for me it feels really awful to be getting up away from the cozy warmth of the comforters to the cold, hard wooden floor and the sudden chill that engulfs you before you reach out for that sweatshirt. Every person has a different way of waking up. But for me it has always been the hot hot shower minutes after I rise. Nothing refreshes me better and wakens me faster and happier than that. For all those of you who are wondering - no, not even my morning cup of Felix Felicis aka Chai! For S, I think it's the laptop. Almost everyday, I can catch a glimpse of him bleary-eyed and yawning no sooner than he's tottering out of bed to go and push the laptop screen up to waken it even before turning on the room lights and with that the dull glow of the laptop illuminating his face (in more than one way, if you get my drift!)

On a completely different note, October has clocked the maximum posts for me... and none of them totally frivolous. Cheers to October! And here's welcoming my favorite month November :D


Aravind said...

i had a book when i was a kid....365 stories, one for each day of the year.....your blog starting to bring back those memories :)
Keep rolling!

Jaya said...

Aravind -> If you're comparing it to childhood memories, I am going to go ahead n take it as a compliment :D. Thanks!

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