October 15, 2008

The 26 year old student

France is a country with many provisions for students/people of the lower income group, etc. But I was really sad to discover that most student benefits end the day you turn 26. It's almost as if they think you shouldn't study past the age of 25 or that if you wish to study past this hideous age, you are on your own and the government doesn't plan to help you. One of the main places this affects me is the railway/metro pass. It costs a steep 90€ a month with a huge variety of places you can go to. Even then! I discovered that students under 26 can get a 50% discount on that. And students above 26? A measly 2%. I wonder why that's even there! And then for most working people, 50% is compensated by their companies in their allowance. Not for us... because you are supposed to be able to get the transport system offered discount. I am a wee bit disgruntled ever since I found out. Hmph. Also in tourist spots... students under 26 can get tickets also for upto 50% off with their IDs. Not if you're over 26. I think it's a national rule that once you cross 25, you'd better be contributing to the household income... or go jump.

Sadly, this affects the highest educated bracket, like us doctorates, or the latecomers who decide to go back to school. Hell, at least the second category had their fair share of bucks before return to academia... I think this is just one of those days, when you can find fault with almost anything. But something tells me I am a wee bit reasonable here.


Priya said...

hmm, thats really weird, they could have stopped at student discount right ? Why an extra age bracket in there ? and guess what, AMC does not have the student tickets now, its just on Wednesdays now I think, the rest of the days its the usual even with your ID.

Anonymous said...

"highest educated bracket"??? hmm.

Jaya said...

Priya-> The AMC discount wasn't that steep anyway! But sad that it's become so restricted.

Anon-> By that I mean the doctorates and the post-docs etc. Don't you agree?

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