October 13, 2008

The understandable English

I don't know how many of you do this, but I've noticed I do this ever since I realized that it makes it easier for non-English speakers to understand - I alter my English to be grammatically incorrect but structured more easy to understand.


1. I tried running this experiment but it didn't work - I run experiment but it no work
2.I'll run you through this process and then you can do it on your own (or you're set) - I do one time, you see and then you do, then you ok.
3. I'm not done yet - I no do.

And so on... I suppose you get the point... At the end of it, I feel silly and like I've taught them the wrong way of saying things. But as they say, whatever works, right?


Ram said...

tell me about it... hell.. they don't care about being English-ically correct! I do all the time when speak to Makkus...

Can you guess what these mean?

Me no finissss..
Me no wants
Can Can -- literally I bet Billa must have copied from the Makkus!
me granite good.. paint no good...

PrivateMartin said...

Hi jaya

Thats very interesting and very true. this happened to me while i was in University. I had a few chinese friends, and when i talk to them in proper english they found it a bit dificult and i had to repeat myself many times.

This really annoyed me so i started talking like that. very short sentences, that makes some sense.

PrivateMartin said...

I would like to share another incident when my grandma who lives in india went to england to see her daughter. She cant speak proper english but studies english in childgood like till year 5.

Once she was waiting outside the shop and this english guy started talking to her. Here goes the conversation.

I come india. I 4 daughter 1 son. 2 daughter in england, 2 in india. i go india 2 months and so on. The gora was so impressed with her.

PrivateMartin said...

Guys check this fact about english, follow the link


Hope u will like it.

Jaya said...

Bala -> Hahahaha.. that's hilarious. But I sort of follow the same strategy too. All short sentences and no sense by themselves to normal english speakers!

PrivateMartin -> Funny examples too. so I think this is a common phenomenon when you try to get across the message and don't end up sounding too bright.

I wonder why the French don't try that strategy with me. If they just hung a few words here n there, i m sure I can grasp the entire meaning rather than hear them sing songs of the entire sentence!!

Damanjit said...

Well said. This works for me too.

Jaya said...

Thanks Damanjit, keep visiting :)

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