October 16, 2008

Beauty and the geek

Remember that show that used to come on US television? For a while there, I was quite the regular watcher. But that's not what I'm talking about here. It's the fact that it's 15°C outside ... beautiful sunshine... fabulous fall colors (yes, there are a few barren trees... even still), empty park benches barely a few feet outside my office and here I am... cooped in, researching electrodeposition, sputtering and other mundane MEMS processes.
Beauty - Outside. Geek - Me.

But yes, the weekend promises to be exciting... S&I have family visiting!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.. I like the titles of your posts the most. I think they most often are appropriate and never usually convey what the reader thinks its about. I StumbledUpon your blog and i'm glad I did. You have an nice site here.


Jaya said...

Thank you Martin.. Considering you liked what you saw, I hope you will keep visiting!

PrivateMartin said...

Hi jaya

just to say dont confuse me that Martin, I am PrivateMartin which is my Alias, my Name is Susheel.

Anyways i want to say i like your blog too.

Jaya said...

PrivateMartin -> Yes, I know your name is Susheel... I happened to visit your blog :) Thanks for following mine... n keep visiting :)

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