May 3, 2010

Reverse psychology

While reverse psychology is potentially powerful, usually against kids or easy-to-change-their-minds adults, I've found it an impressive tool... against myself. Typically when I tell myself I can do something, I tend to slack at it and vice versa. And of course my theory is best tested against the joy of eating. You know how the moment you decide to go on a diet, there's an overpowering craving for usually something either fatty or chocolaty or ice-creamy? Exactly. It's like our heart's making a mockery of our brain. And worse, once you decide it's okay and try to quench the craving, you never stop where you should have. And before you know it, you're throwing an empty 500ml carton of Häagen-Dazs into the trash (not necessarily from the start, but certainly to the finish). 

These days I've told myself that I am allowed to eat everything. And the consequence? I've had cereal for lunch/dinner a few nights last week. Just like that. Because I actually like the cereal I have. Because I can eat anything, I prefer to eat normal. And I haven't bought ice cream or chocolates or desserts in 3 weeks. And I haven't fried anything other than 1-2 appalams some night. See? Reverse psychology can work. Sometimes.


vats said...

Congrats... you've reminded me of the fact that the freezer hasnt seen a Haagen-Dazs(The search for Mayan Chocolate is still on) for a while now! :) But ya.. totally agree with the reverse psychology part... it does seem to work.. for some time!

Jaya said...

Vats->Thank you thank you. And same to you :D. Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

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