May 18, 2010

Should MindBlogging be remodelled?

Hello hello,

Having reaped the benefits of renovating this blog layout after some hard work for over a year, I've decided it needs to change. And this time I am going to go very plain jane and probably very ordinary. But before I make the massive switch, I'd like to poll you all.

And of course based on your responses, I am going to act on it and may take a hiatus from blogging accordingly. Thanks for voting!


Ram said...

No!! Why change something that works! Keep the change (I mean the one from a year ago)

-- Bals

Jaya said...

Bala-> The "if it ain't broken, why fix it" theory. But remember me? And that cricket bat that wasn't broken? Enough said :D

Parasuraman said...

change is reqd if some thing is wrong or outdated but then your blog style is superb as on date why???? then change retain the same good luck

Jaya said...

Appa-> Thanks for the comment, Appa. But I was just thinking that a change might be more refreshing to the eye. I will save this template of course if I need to revert back to it at a later date pending mass disapproval of any changes I may made (if indeed I make them) :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence from the family, both of you!

Musing Gal said...

You sound liek me now :), Though I have everything in place at home after a while I always feel it needs a change of looks just because it gets boring (though it all works) :). I vote "Yes" merely for that reason! As long as you have this version saved it is always there to go back to :) Good Luck!!

Priya said...

I'm on the wall with this one. I tend to attach the image of the blog to its feel, and when it changes drastically it takes time to get re-adjusted to it. It somehow loses the warmth and coziness albeit for a little while, I don't like that phase.

On the other hand, I keep making frequent changes to my own blog. I get tired of looking at the same layout for months together! But mostly I stick to just revamping the header.

If its going to make *you* feel better, then just go ahead :-D We'll still all come back :)

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> Exactly! I don't know about everyone else but I've grown a bit weary of the blog's look. It's like an old pair of comfortable shoes.. very comforting but maybe just maybe it's time for a change? Like I said, I'll have this template saved. But I also have my new one ready. It will debut tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Priya-> Couldn't agree more with you. I know you tweak your headers. I thought of leaving it at that too and that's in fact why I left the third option on the vote. But even while I was typing in that option, I knew no one would vote for it. It was just a lazy option.

And now.. soon enough I shall unveil the new template and even if it doesn't have the resounding success of this one that was so well-loved, I hope it is met with optimism than thrashing. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for voicing up everyone and sharing your opinions.

And thanks to all who voted (as of now 10 votes - that's not even a tenth of the number of you who supposedly read the blog everyday. It's either laziness on your parts or I can take it in a skewed positivity that none of you are here for the looks but sheerly for the content. :D) Ciao!

Nincompoop said...

I haven't read your blogs in ages, JayP .So, I am not sure if I should vote here :). All the same, I am curious to know why you'd wanna change it all now! I suspect this is your way of finding out who your readers are , and how regular they are.. C'mon, admit it....wink

Madhumathi said...

"No" i dont like this change...i liked the earlier one better...this is plain pink & boring..
Atleast dont leave this so plain...make it exciting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jaya said...

Nincompoop-> Welcome back Ram! And to answer your question, if the poll was any indication of the number of readers I have, then it is 12, which is about 90 lesser than what the daily StatCounter claims. so "no". Welcome back however.. and what on earth happened to your one-blog-wonder?

Madhumathi-> I am sorry you feel so strongly about the new template. But to be honest I had tired of the old one and I desperately needed something fresh to indpire me to write something. While this may not have the homely and earthy charm of the previous template, I do feel it's crisper and more decluttered as well. The comfy feeling maybe a while but it'll creep in too. Or so I hope. And to match the first ever change I made (the previous template) which was so well-received was going to be unlikely. And so I see that I was right in setting a lower bar for this one at the outset.

However, I sure hope you were here for the content and much-less the layout of the blog and you should get used to it pretty soon anyways. And if I don't like it soonish, I might consider switching too (though it's such hard work).

And for the excitement part, the excitement is in the writings, don't you think? I mean it is the same old chai, but just in bright new cups. Thanks for commenthing. Enjoy!

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