May 24, 2010

P’Arc de Triomphe: The urban jungle

You have to hand it over to the French. The most famous road in Paris, probably even the world, Champs Elysées, was turned into a garden. For 2 days. At a cost of 4.2 million euros. You can see the news item here. And it was a sight to behold -

IMG_6526a The Arc de Triomphe at the head of the world-famous Avenue de Champs Elysées.

And boy, did the people turn out or what! I have never seen a rush like that in Paris. Sure, Champs Elysées is always crowded. But the crowd yesterday was such that if you happened to drop something, it would cascade through at least 10 people before it reached the ground and inevitably got stampeded. It was an exhibition by young French farmers, displaying everything from their crop to their domesticated animals. However, the “natural” greenery was far less obvious than the urban jungle on display. The people who thronged the place in millions in the sweltering heat braving it all just to witness the miracle of having paved away the traffic from this amazing street and fill it with mud and trees, flowers and animals. I’ll admit. All we saw was people. Joie de Vivre!

IMG_6537a The urban jungle. The street was so crowded it was impossible to see the Louvre at the far end of Champs Elysées.


The Muse ... said...

May I ask what picture styles you used for the photos above?

Jaya said...

The Muse-> I am not entirely sure about what you're asking. But I am guessing it's about the hue on the photos. I only saturated them a little bit. Welcome back to the blog and glad to know you're still checking! Thanks. :)

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