October 15, 2009

Chai.. like never before

This post is dedicated to my fairy godmother of chai - my Paati. Happy Birthday Paati!!

This has lesser to do with chai than to do with the mechanism of making chai. Try agonizing over a blasted hotplate that takes 10-15 minutes to make one cup of tea. And maybe 8 minutes once you have boiled the water and the milk separately in the microwave oven. And then try using a gas. Oh that wondrous thing called gas... which has flames. That which can make tea from the coldest of waters and most refrigerated of milk in under 2 minutes. Good bless the gas!

Now of course I have to get used to doing things one at a time... Previously I used to get along with my morning ablusions while the chai sat on the stove. I could afford a nap while the food cooked leisurely for hours together. Those days are gone. And I welcome them with outstretched arms. Enter the era of the gas oven... more food blogs will follow soon of course. Cheers to gas!


sivakumar said...

yeah..cheers to cooking gas.. lets be more precise Jaya... ;o)

Footloose said...

I recently discovered that adding black pepper to chai (with ginger and cardamom of course) is the BESTEST thing on a cold day!

Musing Gal said...

What a coincidence.. I created one on Tea too :). check it out..

Footloose.. also it helps with cold, flu or sore throat. Chai the Indian way is remarkable with no match. The oter teas I like are the twining brand's Earl Grey, Passion flavour from Tazo, Jasmine Tea and also the Iced Tea :)

Jaya said...

Thanks for the comments, junta... Am having so much fun cooking with this gas stove that has flames. :D. Food treats will be posted soon!! Enjoy!

Madhumathi said...

Jaya..i am little lost.. cooking with gas stove with flames.. what is so different??? I do it everyday here...& dont find it so amusing!!

Jaya said...

Madhumathi->It's a lost cause trying to explain to you. you don't know what you have untill you don't have it anymore... I used to cook with a hotplate that used to take 30 minutes to make 2 cups of tea. That meant I could put the tea on the hotplate, go brush my teeth, take a shower, come back and still it wouldn't be done. What's so great about a flame-wala gas? Before you turn your back on it, the tea's done.. that's what!! You should try visiting one of these places abroad with a hotplate and you'll know just the difference (the ones in the US seem more powerful than the sad little ones in France - or maybe it was just mine). But the relief in having a fast cooking mechanism is palpable! Cheers to flame gas!

Madhumathi said...

oh...ok...i dint know abt this part.. Good to know :)
Anyways, do post some yummy recipes, now that u have "gas stove" :)
Also, ur other blog on travel...looks like its orphaned compared to this one. YYYYYYYY?

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