October 23, 2009


Note: This post is in jest and has nothing to do with what the projects might actually be about.

So I was in Toulouse (which you probably know from previous posts) for the J3N conference where I was presenting a poster about my project. As part of their making things memorable, the organizers of the conference came up with the suggestion that every group make up acronyms to remember their projects. Incidentally my project has been called COFISIS even before I came on board. So I had nothing to ponder or pour my creative juices into. But that didn’t mean that the rest of the 141 posters had nothing to do. Everyone came up with very creative, very memorable and very funny acronyms. Most of them in fact had titles fashioned upon a predetermined acronym (you’ll see what I mean in a minute). I took long, hard looks and here are the top 5! Sorry about the quality of the photos (this is what you get when you whip out the cell phone camera and are finding it hard to keep still from laughing!)

No. 5, MYOSOTIS – Incidentally, this is the flower we call “forget-me-not'” (not-so-subtle when it comes to the acronym indeed). And I love how they chose random letters to fit the acronym from the title…


And No. 4 – NOMAD (at least their title really fit the acronym)

22-10-09_1525 - Copie

No. 3 goes to DEMON (hopefully the project doesn’t live up to it’s name) -

22-10-09_1530 - Copie

And on No.2 – NanoGAGS (I mean, seriously?) Hopefully the project has nothing to do with it’s own poor name..


The winner: It wasn’t close.. it wasn’t hard to decide. This one beat every other acronym hands down. And for sure no one’s forgetting it’s name any time soon. Lo behold – BIQUINIS!

22-10-09_1515 - Copie

I rest my case.

PS: Here's my lunch update. Though not vastly improved, yesterday they did have a tomato tart for veggie appetizer (they gave me the same thing for main course too) along with salad and garlic bread. And I did pounce on the opportunity to inform him that I could have the dessert indeed. So, on the whole, they didn't completely try nor did they entirely fail. Comme çi comme ça...


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