October 13, 2009


Thanks Ratna n Sudarshan for all the help. :)

Argh.. Having moved 3 states in the US and 3 continents across the world, you would think that moving isn't new to me. But it's a whole new experience when you are moving within the same locality. The thing about moving nearby is that you tend to miscalculate things - the amount of stuff you have, the number of trips you'll have to make between the homes and instead of erring on the side of caution, you are always left feeling cheated. Take us for instance. We don't have a car. And when we packed up everything, we knew that we had a sizable amount of stuff. But between a mini-uhaul and professional movers, we didn't anticipate the amount of effort we'd be putting into the move. That was the first mistake. And so we lugged the stuff into the tiny moving van and made 2 trips into which we'd fit most of our personal effects. Not bad, we congratulated ourselves as the furniture was anyways going to be taken care of by the movers. And then we'd be left with stuff that could be carried in 1 trip by foot, we imagined. Another mistake. I counted it and we'd made 5 more trips than 1 and some heavy enough for me to ponder premature back replacement or something. Oh and did I mention that we have to clean the house if we had any hopes of recovering our deposit? We slaved over it for the better part of 4 hours. Indeed S did such a thorough job that I considered asking the owners us to pay us extra over the deposit for the "cleaning" service as I had serious doubts as to whether it was given to us in such a pristine state. The other big bad thing in the moving equation is when you have a sizable overlap between the 2 homes. Take us for instance again. We had 15 days time between which both houses were with us and that meant we had 15 days to empty one house into the other. Great right? Wrong. The extra time gives us an illusion of having more time than we think. And we tend to take it easy before it all avalanches into exactly what it would have been had you just had a weekend to move. Oh and then there is the small but very insistent matter of the food. With both houses in total disarray, it was unlikely to make more than a pot of tea at any given time at either place. A pizza here, a couscous there and chole or pulisadam mix at home, and we managed somehow to have proper food all through this jazz.

And now we've moved. Though we have to roughly battle a maze to get from anywhere to anywhere else within the house amidst the boxes and the suitcases and the dismantled furniture; we've moved. Though the heat and the hot water are yet-to-be-functional, we've moved. Though the gas connection isn't for another day or two, we've moved. Though I may have permanent damage to my back and my wrist, we've moved. And guess what? The internet got here before we did. Though it isn't ideal to relax within a maze, I am going to take that chance. The time to arrange stuff will always loom by. So, it's goodnight for now...


Madhumathi said...

Nice Post Jaya. Reminds me of the chaos i went through as well. 5 trips to & fro instead of one...hmm good contribution to the pollution & your own stress levels :)
I liked it "internet reached before you guys" thing. I feel thats the only this faster!!

Jaya said...

Madhumathi-> I wish the 5 trips were by car!!! The trips were on foot carrying back-breaking amounts of things (hence the whole sore back thing on the post)! And contributions to stress levels compounded because of that! Yeah, I know I am thankful that the internet reached there... or we'd have been very lost for the last 2 hours of the day! Thanks for the comment n keep visiting!

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