October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali!

Hello hello fellow virtualites... Happy Diwali!!! Once again, Diwali has crept up on us and who knew time could go so fast?? It's fall.. the leaves have started giving in to gravity.. The weather has changed (for the worse), the time is going to change next week... all of this signs of impending winter. But nothing can dampen the spirit of Diwali. Indeed, there's not been one year that I have wished I was not in India during Diwali. Here are my posts from previous years (be sure to read the long 2006 post - unsurprisingly my sentiments still remain unchanged).

For this year, we've moved to a different apartment in the same locality.. so we're having a housewarming get-together here. The goodies we make will be posted here soon, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, here's wishing you all a very happy and very safe Diwali all over again! Have a blast - literally, if possible ;)


The Muse ... said...

Yup! Happy Diwali and wish you a prosperous new year in your new apartment..

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