July 13, 2009

Inertia of life

Remember when they taught us about inertia in middle school Physics? I don’t know why I thought it was a hard concept back then. It wouldn’t have been so, had they even remotely associated it to the million examples from life. Take us for instance. We live in a gorgeous suburb close to the heart of Paris… the rent is astronomical… the markets are exorbitant in price… but the place is so likeable. There is a certain warmth to the streets, a lot of gaiety in life, not to mention that it is extremely well-connected by public transport. Common sense says that if the cost of living is too high, we’ve got to move to more affordable places. Not that the other factors outweigh this very important one, but we’ve been reluctant as hell to move. It’s just the inertia. We’re so used to living here… people know us here (no neighbours or friends or any of that – just the store clerks, the bus-mates and other people who change with the tapestry of the place we reside in. We just haven’t gotten around to seriously looking at apartment rentals. The fact that we have a lousy gas (read hot plate) in here at home, something that never struck as vital when it was just cooking for the 2 of us was put to serious test when S’ parents came and the people doubled. (I’ve cooked for a dozen people while hosting them at home – but I used to spend close to half a day making the food while it took all of 10 minutes for it to vanish – true physics of life). And so we have another big fat reason to move. All of this propelled mainly by the gas and that fact that we could save a neat 200€ a month has finally forced us to at least consider the apartment listings on the various websites. This is the force that was required to move our asses off the inertia. And this is just one simple example of physics in everyday life. And with inertia, there are plenty examples up for the grabs.


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