July 12, 2009

Leonardo's lion

Here's a look at yet another creation conceived by the Master. Ode to Da Vinci.


The Muse ... said...

I'v been musing about the same point (Wikipedia) - albeit from the student perspective. In those days - project research consisted of tomes like the World Book Encyclopedia, Childcraft and one book I vaguely remember - Manorama yearbook :). I wish it were as easy as typing into a search box on Wikipedia.

Jaya said...

The Muse-> Well true... I think the "owners" of encyclopedias then, considered themselves to be well ahead in the knowledge pool than the others. And yes, the manorama.. how can we exclude that from an intellectual book discussion? I am sure that the day is not far when people will tell their students - "In the olden days, they used 'paper'." I think Randy Pausch already parodied that in his last lecture. Thanks for discussing and keep commenting. :)

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