July 15, 2009

Appearances matter?

Ah.. why are we so fickle when it comes to deciding upon something that is neither in our hands nor matters too much? For example when you are apartment-hunting (like we are), is it important for the building to look nice or for your particular apartment to look nice? Ideally, both of course. But what if you had to choose one? Logic says that it only matters what the apartment looks like on the inside. Why then does it bother you when the building is a little old or a little unkempt? Because impressions matter. Remember how you walk past a beautiful building and wish you could live there? You have no idea how it looks on the inside...if it is practical... if it will be large enough... if it will fulfill your everyday requirements... if it is well-designed, etc. It just goes with the territory in your head that a beautifully designed building on the outside can't go wrong on the inside. If only that logic were infallible. Buildings like people come with no guarantees or promises to match the outside with the inside. Even while we preach that the "inner" beauty is all that matters, we are haughty when it comes to "lesser" significant things like rental apartments. We want that our building look imposing and majestic... Practically, how much time do you spend looking at your building anyways? But it is hardly a question of practicality as it is of status. For some reason it matters. I haven't come across anyone who's disregarded the outside completely giving credit to the inside alone. Are we this judgmental when it comes to people too? I certainly hope not, for that would be truly sad.


Vidhya said...

Then I have to say that it is truly sad..I think we do judge...Think about it..We have even laughed about what each of us thought when we first met (like just looking at each other types)...But the good thing is most of us are probably able to move on from it once we know the person..

Jaya said...

Vidhya -> I guess I wasn't as clear as I needed to have been. What I meant was that if we judged people based on their appearances and indeed were fixated on our first impressions. Almost all of us do give the person's character a chance before continuing on the pre-judgment. And of course a lot of our olden adages make the point - Don't judge a book by it's cover - n all that. Thanks for chiming in!

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