July 9, 2009

Je suis bizee

Dear Readers,

I sincerely apologize for not having been able to update this space for about a week now. Sounds less to you? Feels like eternity to me!! Having been pretty regular with MindBlogging, I find it oddly unsettling that my thought-flow has been arrested enroute to making it on the blog due to unforeseen busy-ness. With the vacation fast approaching and work remaining to be completed and S's parents here, there's just enough time to breathe and exist. Once the vacations start, you can be assured that I will be back in full swing.
Until then, please hang in there.


Gandalf said...

I've missed you n your posts. Have a fun busy week and get back to us soon.

Googler said...

I second Gandalf. We want mindblogging!

Jaya said...

Gandalf, Googler -> Thanks! I hope to spring back in action soon!

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