March 30, 2008


No, this is not a state like say, ec-static. Those of us who've stayed in cold countries have experienced this some time or the other. I remember in Cincinnati how we used to make sure to touch something wood before touching anything from the door knob to the microwave to the taps on the sink in winters. Everything used to give off that brief static electricity that crackled uncomfortably in your fingers for a microsecond. In fact VV and I have experienced worse static.. almost like a minor shock from our crackling hair. But the point is.. That was all ONE static jolt. Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness something different yet fascinating. I wore a sweatshirt over my shirt last night before sleeping. Half asleep I had gotten warm under the comforter and was uncomfortable with the extra layer. As I peeled away my sweatshirt, I actually saw hundreds of crackling little sparks, whitish-yellow in colour in the dark even as the sweatshirt separated from the shirt. It was like a bunch of tiny little glow worms moving along with a sputtering noise. I actually awoke my hubby to witness the spectacle. And I woke him up remarking "Sparks!" Jolted by the possiblity of sparking electric wires, I can't say he was truly amused at my discovery. :)


Sachin said...

Ya, it is facinating. I have seen those one night in Jaipur. It was a verrrrry cold night and when i slipped into my blanket, my hands brushed against the blanket and produced those sputtering sparks. And I told my friend who was getting into his blanket, but he coldly said "come on, u need some sleep". But now u r a witness. Good.

Sangeeta Sinha said...

Same thing happens to me also and you can literally see the sparks. My daughter says, "Mom you are electrified". ha...ha... At least, some one other than me also feels it.

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