March 14, 2008

Email tales

Reading old emails is like opening one of my diaries for me... Its a potpourri of stuff that keeps me ever enchanted and wakes me up from the dreariest of days..

Today was the 4th installment of cleaning up my overcluttered Inbox and out poured a huuuge collection of memories - mostly good and some bad.. Mostly, I tend to read the good stuff.. Like a few days back I was reading some of the first emails my now hubby had sent me and they all brought a smile to my face. Today I was reading a lot of stuff I had "Starred". And I noticed a pattern... I had either "Starred" the important stuff like career/study related, the ones I needed to respond to or surprisingly, the ones about which I wanted to remember and forget at the same time.. Maybe its a Scorpion trait.. I wanted to forget the incident(s) - many petty and a few grave- but remember who had done it.. And the very subject of the email brought up fleeting memories - It soured my mood a bit. Has that ever happened to you?

I unstarred them all... time to grow up... Atleast the next time I read something, it would be all sweet.


Balaji R Sharma said...

Dread having to clean mailboxes, and when you have all the spam mails starred with intentions of 'unsubscribing' to them, it ain't no fun.

But yeah, old mails, memories bitter and sweet.. fun, always.

Jaya said...

Balaji -> Spam mail starred?! Niw why wud u do that? Hit the spam button right away and be rid of it! Thats probably much worse than the good or bad mails.. I had a habit of starring mails I intended to read later on, like forwards.. I would NEVER get to them and when I did it wud be sooo old that I'd have lost interest. Luckily, I lost that weird habit.

Sachin said...

Hmmmm....I am still waiting for that time for me to come, since I have never felt the need of "cleaning up my overcluttered Inbox" since its not yet been once in that shape, thanks to the ever increasing size of it. But as far as memories go, yes, I do read the chats which get saved auto. and they r all real fun to read. Many a times I wish to go back to that period, now since I know what happened later...esp. chats with my better half :D.

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