March 26, 2008

Heavy on TV

I've realized that when S is out of town and when its vacation day, like Monday was... I can spend 10 straight mindless hours watching TV. This for someone who barely watched TV in India (I would choose a book over the Idiot box anyday). I donno if its coz we've gotten this gloriously huge, flat screen LCD monitor which makes you wanna watch just about anything or because there are NO english books sold here (I should've stocked up in England - damn!) or maybe I just had it in me.

I had seen 2 whole discs of F-R-I-E-N-D-S and 1.5 movies! I cook with the TV on.. I eat with the TV on.. I clean with the TV on. Or maybe its because we don't have our internet connection yet. Whatever the reason, the madness has got to stop!


Sachin said...

I think its the TV which is making the difference. In the US we were used to watch all this on either the lappie or the freely got TV in our homes, which surely were not LCD monitors. That crisp clear screen lures u to it. Enjoyyy!!

Priya said...

I watch TV all the time...correction I have the TV ON all the time :) The first thing I do when I get back home is switch on the TV, and all the rest, reading, browsing, watching videos on the lappie everything with the TV ON (!!!). I just can't tolerate the silence in the house otherwise, the TV sort of gives me company :D

Jaya said...

Pri-> Thats the reason for me too.. I feel like there is someone else in the house at least. Come to think of it... Even in Cinci, no matter what we did, we had the TV on. We really didn't have cable there.. But the TV used to "catch" the free channels. The difference here is that all the free channels are in French :(

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