March 26, 2008

Memory Rush

We visited S's college here this last weekend. We'd driven up there with a bunch of friends, with me doing the driving - something I am proud of. It was a manual car with a left wheel drive - a combination I hadn't tried before. Ok.. but the point is that we were at INT (Institut Nationale d'Telecommunication) - Pardon me if the spellings are screwed.. thats the limit of my French so far. Its a tiny little campus in a place called Evry outside of Paris. And going there... seeing how S and his friends recollected a flood of memories made me recollect my own. And suddenly I missed Cincinnati and my days there with my own band sourly. Here they were showing off their Forum (my TUC) where they had weekendly parties, their cafetaria which constituted millions of meals, their main building where the classes were held.. and all I could do was to compare it with Baldwin Hall. UC is a small campus, smaller than most other US University campuses which are spread across miles and have towns built around them. But INT is smaller than UC... but just as self-content.. It had its own stuff - large hostels, huge administrative buildings, its own hill (which reminded me of the tiny hill with the winding path in front of Morgens @ UC), tennis courts, et al. Gosh, I miss Cincinnati!

S, we've got to go back so I can show you UC and much more..


Sachin said...

If I remember correctly, it was not the first time u drove that combi. U have driven my car once on riddle road, from ur house to the start of the road (and I was totally tensed for those 2 minutes)...some more cinti memories for u.

Jaya said...

Sachin-> Arre haan.. totally forgot about that. For some reason, that wasn't as much driving as it was a test drive. This trip was 350 odd km.. So thats a lot. And since no one else knows how to drive, I had the car all for myself :)

Priya said...

You guys have to come to Cincinnati!!

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