June 24, 2010

Got Milk?

You know that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode where Chandler and Joey wager the girls that they can guess every item in Rachel's shopping bag because they know them so well? Well if you want a head-start on me, you've got to start with milk. And I'm not kidding. I don't know what it is with my Parisian obsession with milk. I like the milk in this country but that's no excuse to go scouting for different brands when you can't really tell the difference in taste between them. Yet, I do that. I like to try different brands from different stores just to see if my tea tastes any different. Completely weird. And so if you guess there's milk in my grocery bag, full points to you. 

The real reason behind buying milk with every grocery purchase I guess might be rooted in three things.

1. Unlike the US where gallons of milk are available to be purchased, here you have only the option of 1 liter bottles/tetrapacks or 1/2 liter ones (but in packs of 6 so I guess that makes up?).
2. Milk being a staple gets used as often as anything else.
3. The expiry date for milk in this country is insanely long. If the pack/bottle remains unopened it is likely to last for over 3 months and who's keeping milk that long anyways?

Oh and I hate getting up in the morning to discover that we ran out of milk and I have to go out to buy milk to be able to retreat to the solace or my morning chai. That's worth going into any trouble lugging back excess bottles of milk. Hence, got milk? Hell yeah!


Madhumathi said...

Hey Jaya...am surprised that u being a South Indian cannot do without Tea.... normally Coffee is the flavour down South...
I cant do without coffee..ever.

Jaya said...

Madhumathi-> My family was settled in Bombay for half a century.. I guess some habits are passed on by generation. :) And you're not the only one that finds it shocking :)

Kavitha said...

Hey - which tea do you use ?

Sachin said...

Bagh Bakri....U remember we had a riot of laughter once when we were returning from the Jagdeep's store??

Jaya said...

Kavitha-> It keeps changing as per availability here. Flavour of the month: Taj Mahal chai... wah Taj boliye!

Sachin-> HAHAHAHAHA. I can never forget that.. I just spent 5 minutes laughing my lungs out. Seriously the Deeps guy was deluded into thinking he sold us some gold dust. HAHAHAHA. Thanks for reminding me of that incident. LOL!

Musing Gal said...

Jaya.. mmm Milk my favourite too, but I think in US it is not all that tasty. I get soy milk, almond milk ... all kinds that I can find. Recently I has so much milk and the expiry date was nearing so had to make Basundi (sweet made with milk)to avoid wasting it. Milk is good in everyway, strangely tea is my favourite too when it comes to milk, not coffee. :)

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