June 16, 2010

Curb your enthusiasm..

Nope.. once again wrong. Not the Seinfeld writer's newer venture. This time it's photo-centric. About 6 months ago I wrote lamenting the fact that no one takes too many prints of digital photos anymore. Though its a serious advancement in technology and improvement in everything, we have allowed digital photography to cripple us on the basic level. You can read that post here. And so I took the plunge. A film camera. A return to innocence almost. But at it's best. A Canon. An SLR. 36 shots in one film roll. Better yet it's upto us to bring the best of our talent out in that. No more retouching. No more post-processing. Time to restrict the impulse and fire the Canon.

PS: Will post pics of the new camera soon (but through digital means of course).
And here's an interestingly elementary question and poll to finish -


Sangeetha said...

Jaya, I've been following your blog for a while now. Needless to say you have great writing skills. :) Though i have never posted any comment, i couldn't restrict it for this post. This weekend i printed around 700 photos from various mobile phones / cameras at home. Right from the birth of my now 3 yr old kid. :) Yes i think printing is the best way to save them and keep them easily accessible forever. :)

Jaya said...

Sangeetha-> Oh I am sorry to hear that you've restricted from posting comments thus far.. I am glad that something invoked a change! Yeah, digital prints or film prints always keep the memories fresher than the jpegs. And every once in a while it's refreshing to sort through trillions of folders and come up with a limited bunch to immortalize. Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting! A+

Kelvin said...

Whenever, I am free, I usually surf the web on a freestyle mode, reading random blog on the ring. I can see that you have a vast scope & nobody can expect what your next topic is going to be. Thats a very extra-ordinary talent. Sent my regards to Shane & say that I am quite angry with him for not formerly introducing you to me. :)

Jaya said...

Kelvin-> Welcome to the blog! Lets introduce ourselves. You know me of course.. Shane hasn't had the time to read some of my blogs himself ;). He only plays cricket or takes pictures :D. And you are...? (My guess is this is Shane's senior from INT) :)

Thanks for your kind words.. keep visiting!

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