June 20, 2010

Firing the canon

So here she is… the newest member of our growing Canon family – a simple film SLR camera. I’ve only just loaded new film into the camera and I got to say I love the “sound” of clicking. There’s nothing digital about it. It’s all mechanical. And it’s finally refreshing to be limited. With the film SLR, thanks to the manual settings, you really got to know what you’re doing. There are no second chances for a single photo. And so this first roll is going to be entirely experimental. If any of the photos do turn out to be masterpieces, you know where you can expect to see them. Until then, just wish me happy clicking.
IMG_7293aMy new Canon film SLR.
PS: This one doesn't have a "on-off" button, just a "lock". Hence the poll.


deviationz said...

Do you have a dark room set up at home to process these or are you going to get them done at a store?

Jaya said...

Deviationz-> Nope.. no dark room. If you see the size of Parisian houses, you'll know why. Lol. BTW Congratulations to you guys (+ love the name) :) Thanks for visiting and keep coming back!

Musing Gal said...

Awesome! Congratulations on the Canon, Hoping to see better postcards from now on :)

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