June 20, 2010

Father Figure

Once more I am hardly going to dare to belittle my Appa's sacrifices and role in my life the way it's turned out by merely writing about it. Instead I am just going to pause here and thank God for having gifted me a father with whom I've succeeded in having a continuing close, extremely friend-life relationship. Neither my brother nor I could've hoped for anything better. Ever.

Thank you Appa and here's wishing you a very happy Father's Day on all our behalfs.


Ram said...

Without a doubt!

Perhaps the years we have had experience with Romon have been different, but certainly I have troubled him in tough times more than you can imagine! Even then he never made me see any of those difficulties, always gave us a cushion beyond imagination!

In fact, we can both easily credit our humor, writing and creativity to the wonderful weirdness and total fun that we were afforded to by Romon.

Happy Father's Day Appa!

Jaya said...

Truly he's the best! You go APPA!

Parasuraman said...

thank you my children after all i have done what a father would do may god bless u and keep you as cheerful as always

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