December 7, 2009

The shortest route algorithm

I suppose a lot of people are like me... living their lives by the "shortest route algorithm" where possible. For instance, I know precisely where I need to stand to get into the right train compartment that'll stop directly in front of the exit I need to take. I am sure a lot others know this too which explains why that particular compartment of the train alone would be significantly more crowded than the ones away from it. This of course is a very simple example of the algorithm. But there are other places I put this theory into practice as well. Entirely sure that the shortest connection between 2 dots is indeed a straight line, I tend to tell people what's on my mind directly to them rather than to a third person which then creates a complex loop and a mesh of other things that I would rather remain untangled from. Undoubtedly, even so rather more so perhaps, I have landed in trouble because of this habit. This yields into the foot-in-your-mouth situation sometimes and that's never pleasant. But I would like to think that I have toned it down a notch and sort of taken the diplomatic in-between path over the years. Now I no longer think it is entirely necessary for me to express every opinion (except here :D) to everyone concerned, unless they are positive of course. And being fabulously in favour with everyone didn't hurt anyone. So in this case, I'd rather excuse the shortest route algorithm. And I'd recommend you do too. After all, somethings are best left to the imagination, aren't they?


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