December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas n Happy Holidays!

Ok, so I am a week early in wishing you all a Merry Christmas. But then it is the holiday season after all. And Paris has had bout after bout of snow. A white Christmas is after all traditional and many many people hope it. And just in case the snow melted away, I went into our backyard garden which is pristine from the non-intrusiveness… took away the urge to make a snowman by dressing up one of my teddy bears (er.. squirrel?) in my garb. See -


That apart, I tried to try and set it at good places to get a nice shot of the snow and the surrounding, trying to battle the cold and keep my hands steady (I was still in PJs, I couldn’t bother to throw on anything warm to wade out into the backyard garden).

But here’s one and I hope it captures enough spirit to depict Christmas or at least the winter holidays -


Happy Holidays everybody!


sivakumar said...

Joyeux Noël. :o)

Jane said...

Hi Jaya,

I read some of your most recent posts and almost feel caught up with you. I especially liked the post in which you said you used to always speak your mind. Yes, that is how I remember you in ECSS.

Nice Xmas snow picture.

I just got your LinkedIn invitation today and found your blog. Must be a time for good memories for me. An old friend from Kashmir spent Xmas day with me and I had not seen or talked to him in years!

I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Jaya said...

Siva-> Merci Siva et toi aussi!

Jane -> Wow Jane, it's so good to see that you here and it's very kind of you to go through my blog and write a long comment at that. Thanks! Well yes, I've been having this blog for a long time and I keep updating it with happenings from my everyday life. Thanks a bunch for your kind words about me and keep visiting! And happy holidays! :)

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