December 17, 2009

That first snow of the season



Ah how we hate it… the biting cold, the numb fingers n toes, the reddened nose, the dry mouth and stretchy skin. We all hate the side effects of winter. Yet there’s something magical when the ground is covered with that first snow of the season. Suddenly all that cold doesn’t bother us for those few instants that we marvel at the beauty of nature, that pristine white cover that makes everything seem better almost immediately. Snow has a way of lifting spirits, maybe because it makes everything look brighter from reflecting the light off of it. Up above is a picture of the first snow outside my window (I apologize for the quality of the image – I took a hasty picture on my cell camera just to make it count). Time for some hot chai now to make up for the icy cold outside. Happy Winter!!


Priya said...

Yup, its magical to see the whole landscape covered in white. If only it stopped with the first snow though! :P

Shiva kumar Shankar said...

love the first snow, its the brown after effects that's unsightly, then followed by even more snow and more unsightly brown and before you know, there is a big pile sitting near your house, everyone's house.

Yes the first snow is magical, but I am happy to be away from it, and only see it in places like grand canyon or bryce canyon like the last two thansgiving holidays :D.

Enjoy the first snow!

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