May 15, 2009

Second skin

You know how you buy something and it fits so well that you couldn't be happier? Now then, you know how that happiness just multiplies when you didn't actually buy it? I do! One of the websites on which I had shopped a few times decided to send me a surprise gift from their winter clearance... an awesome light grey sweatshirt that's dressed up like a trench-coat. I was totally impressed. Not just that they'd sent me a free gift but that they sent me such an awesome free gift. And it fits like a glove. I get that total "glow" feeling the way Harry Potter feels when he grasps his wand for the first time. I've liked my skin lesser sometimes.. ok, that's a bit exaggerated but no harm done. They sure know how to keep their customers. And what a nice way too! Yoo the hoo.


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