May 27, 2009

Plate of vegetables

When we were on our trip, we went to have a Tex-Mex dinner at an authentic Tex-Mex restaurant in Dax. One of the reasons that I love Mexican food is that it's easy to adapt into a vegetarian dish. But having been all excited about dinner at a Mexican place after eons, on getting there to my surprise the menu didn't contain any vegetarian items. I wasn't bothered too much about that because I was sure that on request any non-vegetarian dish could be made into vegetarian by simply not adding the meat. However to my anguish, the waiter informed me that they couldn't modify any of the dishes on the menu. Which meant me n S could go hungry that night. As an after thought however, he added that they had a plate of vegetables if I was interested. What does that sound to you like? A plate that's filled with fresh/boiled vegetables with no spice nothing (that's how the French make veggies - just boiled and nothing else) and that's about it, right? With no other choice, we went ahead and ordered it and look what they brought us?

Clockwise from right bottom: Kidney beans, onion rings, wheat soufflé, baked potato, capsicum-tomato grilled mix, salad, smoked potatoes and broiled veggies.

In his defense, they are still just a plate of vegetables. ;)


krish said...

No fair! I am at work and my stomach's rumbling and you post exceedingly mouth-watering food. Grumpyyy

Jaya said...

Krish-> Looking at the photo makes me hungry too! But kya karun... jo tha woh dal diya!

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